The Bear's Den - Sealing a Criminal Record

May 04, 2015

A new step by step guide about applying for a Criminal Record Suspension is now available from BearPaw Education.

A record suspension (formerly called a pardon) allows those who have been convicted of a crime, served their sentence, and proven that they are law-abiding citizens to have their criminal records sealed and kept separate from other criminal records.

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Visit Government of Canada’s Record Suspension Website

The video below is from the Parole Board of Canada

The Parole Board of Canada makes decisions about record suspensions.

A record suspension:

1. Removes all information about a conviction from the Canadian
Police Information Centre (CPIC), Canada’s central police database.
It will not show you have a criminal record or a record suspension;

2. Helps people with a criminal record reintegrate into society,
including giving them access to employment and other
opportunities; and

3. Allows a person to be employed by the federal government and
eligible for Canadian citizenship.

NOTE:Being convicted of a new offence may affect the decision to set
your criminal record aside.

Myths About Record Suspensions

There are some important things to consider when applying for a
record suspension.

1. A record suspension will not erase a conviction. It sets a conviction

2. A record suspension will not guarantee access to a visa for another

3. Some offences cannot be set aside. For example, the suspended
records of former sex offenders will show up in the CPIC database.

4. You do not need a record suspension to apply for a Canadian

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