The Bear's Den - Peacemaking, Restorative Justice and FGC Training Dates Announced for 2015

May 12, 2015

Ever wanted to learn how to resolve conflicts using a circle process? NCSA just announced the 2015 training dates for Peacemaker, Restorative Justice and Family Group Conferencing. Register online today!

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Resolve Disputes and Repair Relationships

NCSA is offering a variety of training options including a 3 week Peacemaker Training session; a 2 day Restorative Justice session; and a 3 day Family Group Conferencing session. In these programs, students can learn how to design and facilitate Peacemaking Circles including:

  • families involved with Child Intervention Services or Family Court applications
  • school-based issues such as truancy or bullying
  • support circles as prevention or positive reintegration after a suspension, incarceration, or domestic violence incident

Students will be introduced to Aboriginal worldview and natural law for creating environments that promote mutual respect and an obligation to foster and maintain healthy relationships. A core theme in this training is learning about historic trauma and ways to help facilitate Aboriginal families in their recovery, reconciliation and self-determination; stop the cycle of violence.

Training is beneficial to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal candidates, involves 3 separate 1 week long sessions, self-directed study, practical assignments, and role-plays. Students receive course manual, resource publications, copies of educational videos, and experience traditional ceremonial practices.

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