The Bear's Den - A New Hope for Parents with Children in Care

May 20, 2015

BearPaw Media productions has just released a new video on how Parents and Guardians can apply to terminate Permanent Guardianship Orders past 30 days.

Watch A New Hope: Applying to Terminate a PGO (Alberta)

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Parents and Guardians can now apply to terminate Permanent Guardianship Orders past 30 days.

A Permanent Guardianship Order (PGO) is put in place by the court when they decide that the survival, security, and development of a child is not adequately protected by their current guardians. The court makes the director (or the province, essentially) the child’s only guardian. Traditionally in Alberta, a PGO could only be appealed by a former guardian up to 30 days after it was made.

If you are considering appealing a PGO contact an NCSA Family Courtworker for support.

Healing Happens

Acknowledging that people may go through a healing process, the Alberta government has increased the ability of a former guardian to bring their family together again. Through the Children First revisions, former guardians now have the ability to apply to terminate the PGO after the first year, and every two years after that year.

The applying to terminate a PGO legislation was one part of a series of changes to The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act (CYFEA) through the the Government of Alberta’s new Children First Legislation.

Click here to read more about the Children First Legislation

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