The Bear's Den - Journey of a Warrior (Ep. 2 ) Readiness

July 08, 2015

Watch the second of four compelling episodes that will take you inside the walls of NCSA's Stan Daniels Healing Centre as residents are faced with the decision of their lives. Can they commit to change? Episode 2 explores self-determination and readiness to heal.

Stan Daniels – Journey of a Warrior (Ep. 2) Readiness

In case you missed it:

Stan Daniels – Journey of a Warrior (Ep. 1) The Journey Begins

Stay Tuned to The Bear’s Den for future episodes, including:

Episode 3 – The Warrior Program
Episode 4 – Re-Integration

The Stan Daniels Healing Centre is a 72-bed facility that has both a Community Residential Facility and a Section 81 designation. Residents at the Centre are either conditionally released offenders (day parole or full parole / statutory release with residency), or residents with inmate status.