The Bear's Den - Just Cause 3 Filming Completed by BearPaw Media

October 07, 2015

BearPaw Media Productions recently finished filming the much anticipated sequel to the sequel of the popular legal education comedy series, Just Cause!! In Just Cause 3, due for release in the spring, Kokum and Grandson find themselves embroiled in money problems! Buckle up because cash is tight!!

Is that a leaf blower?

Yes it is!!!! Why? Just Cuz!!! The zany-ness continues in Just Cause 3 as Kokum dodges a Collection Agent, considers bankruptcy, and finds new love!!! Grandson is doing no better as he takes out a pay day loan and considers buying a couch from a shady Lease to Own furniture salesman!! Just Cause 3 – Coming soon in 2016!!!

Kokum and Cinematographer Daron Donahue discuss Kokum’s motivation for the scene (we think it was lunch)

Local Comedian Paul Sveen stretches his acting limits as a slimy Pay Day Loans officer

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