The Bear's Den - A Failure to Appear in Court...Comic Book!!!

January 26, 2016

Who said legal education couldn't be fun and entertaining? Courtroom staff, teachers, and community facilitators can order up to 50 FREE comic books featuring Muskwa the Bear!

In 2009, NCSA leadership was looking for a fun and imaginative way to teach Aboriginal youth about Natural Law. Soon, Muskwa the Bear was born (and drawn!) and featured in the popular woodlands comic book adventure, Muskwa – Sam’s Spear of Fate.

Muskwa Gets a Sequel

Muskwa (Bear in Cree) soon had a follow up comic called Muskwa 2 – The Walleye Chop, which features a fictional courtroom reality TV show. When Charlie “The Bulletman” Stone fails to appear on the TV show, Muskwa and superstar hostess Mena Moses set out to track down Charlie and show him that his needs to take responsibility for his actions by showing up to court.

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