The Bear's Den - The Snowy Spirit of Reconciliation

February 12, 2016

A winter celebration of Francophone, Metis and Aboriginal communities and culture brought warmth and healing to a cold winters night.

The Flying Canoë Volant, a celebration of Francophone, Metis and Aboriginal communities and culture, mixed with a winter festival with light installations embraced the spirit of reconciliation. Winding its way through the Mill Creek Ravine in South Edmonton, the event brought music, food and dancing from all three cultures together.

NCSA Staff Members Val Gauthier and Darlene Gervais looking warm and happy!

NCSA in the Community

NCSA has participated in the event for three years, creating connections and dialogue between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people – a step toward reconciliation.

A “Mountain” of Bannock!

The folks in the Tea and Bannock Tipi served over 2,000 cups of tea and a mountain of bannock with grace and friendship (despite providing 200 servings of tea and bannock an hour). The drummers and singers were magical and sparked conversation, interaction and laughter around the fire. People loved the Round Dances and called out for more. The folks in the Reconciliation Tipi engaged people in conversations and encouraged them to write down their thoughts on pieces of paper that eventually stretched over 100 feet.

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Leon Lightning Sharing a Song