The Bear's Den - A Community's Courageous Stand

February 26, 2016

The community of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta is taking a courageous stand against bullying and teenage suicide by promoting a traditional value that comes natural to Aboriginal people and communities - KINDNESS.


The community of Fort Chipewyan has been struggling with a recent rash of teen suicides and attempts. Through the pain, the community wanted to do something to help educate the youth and adults of the community about the impacts of bullying and ways to prevent it. So the Athabasca Tribal Council and the RCMP Foundation partnered with NCSA’s BearPaw Communications to make a powerful documentary film about a courageous young woman and her journey back home.

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Share the KINDNESS

If you know of anyone in your family or community who would like to see this video, please email this link to them. If you think your school or health centre could show it during programming, please email this link to them. Post it on Facebook or Share it on Twitter. The people of Fort Chipewyan are hoping that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities across Canada will hear their story and share in the KINDNESS.

BearPaw Communications on location in Fort Chipewyan – September 2015

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