The Bear's Den - Alberta Provincial Court South Region - RESCHEDULING

March 26, 2020

The Provincial Court of Alberta has released their COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan for the re-scheduling of adjourned Specials, PreĀ­trial Conferences and Judicial Dispute Resolutions in the South Region.

NCSA has received the following information from the Assistant Chief Judge, Southern Region:

South Region Rescheduling Details

1. Continuations will be re-scheduled first, followed by all other Specials that were adjourned.

2. Pre-trial conferences that were cancelled, will be re-scheduled first, followed by new matters ready for a pre-trial conference; with the exception of in custody matters where the accused has been ordered detained. These will still be set on an on-going basis. Case management protocol must still be met.

3. Judicial Dispute Resolutions will be re-scheduled on the date the matter was adjourned back to Family/Child Enhancement Court.

The anticipated plan is to start canvassing dates for Specials on April 1 st, 2020 and mid April for Pre-trial Conferences. You will be contacted by the Trial Coordinator for the re-scheduling of Specials, and by the Judicial Assistant for Pre-Trials.