Indigenous Offender Reconciliation Program

The Indigenous Offender Reconciliation Program at Stan Daniels Healing Centre and Buffalo Sage Wellness House facilitates the reintegration of offenders to Indigenous communities through a reconciliation circle process.

The program is for both urban and rural communities and offenders from both of NCSA’s male and female correctional facilities.


The Indigenous Offender Reconciliation Program aims to:

  • Educate communities on the impacts of historic trauma
  • Engage community Elders in the circle process
  • Give voice to community concerns
  • Provide an opportunity for community members to speak to the impact of an offender’s crime(s)
  • Provide an opportunity for offender accountability
  • Provide an opportunity for the offender to earn acceptance back into the community
  • Engage community Elders in the offenders cultural and ceremonial practices

The Indigenous Offender Reconciliation Program:

  • Helps rebuild damaged relationships
  • Creates opportunity for a stable transition to the community
  • Provides a forum for the offender to express healing work being done

Individuals may withdraw from the process at any time.

Edmonton Reconciliation Officer: (780) 495 – 3748
Calgary Reconciliation Officer: (403) 237 -7850